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Editor convidado: Valdir de Jesus Lameira, D.Sc. (U. de Coimbra, Portugal)

v. 6 n. 2 (2011): Agosto/2011

Electrical Energy Losses Determination In Low Voltage - A Case Study

março 22, 2012


Along the last years, electrical energy distribution companies have already done many investmentsin order to identify and calculate energy losses along a distribution network. Although these big efforts,most approaches for clearly identifying and solving the related problems still remain rather inefficient. Theaccurate identification and the precise calculation of electricity losses enables the clear specification of thecritical points and segments in the networks and, consequently, the effective prioritization of actions andinterventions in order to reduce those electricity losses and problems. Moreover, the work already performedon this issue, the existing approaches focus mainly on empirical and probabilistic data. Hence, there is stilla clear gap between real information and the considered one, which tends to be poor and imprecise. Due tothis reality and the lack of appropriate software applications, in this paper we propose a web platform forthe management of the whole network of electrical energy distribution, from medium voltage (MV) down tolow voltage (LV), including billing on the transformation centers (TCs), electricity losses calculation andproposals for solving actions, by means of a fuzzy decision-making model.


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