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v. 2 n. 1 (2007): Abril/2007

Evidences from link between quality and loyalty in eservice: an empirical study

maio 27, 2009
maio 27, 2009


There has been a lot of research validating the link between service quality and customer
loyalty in traditional (bricks-and-mortar) services. However, despite the strong growth of eservices
in recent years, there is still little rigorous empirical research examining this link in
such settings. The interest in examining this link in an e-service setting is in validating eservice
quality as a lever that managers of e-service operations can employ to drive
customer loyalty and, ultimately, profitability. Based on data from an online questionnaire of
customers of an e-banking service, this study employs structural equation modelling to
examine the link between web site quality and customer loyalty. We found a strong and
significant link between the two constructs, suggesting that this relationship also holds in eservice
settings. This is an important result, given that loyalty has been generally considered
harder to achieve in e-services than in traditional services.


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