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v. 11 n. 2 (2016): Junho/2016

Analysis practices focused on sustainability in a shopping center from Santa Catarina, according to guidelines Global Reporting Initiative - GRI

junho 7, 2015


This paper aims to identify how a mall incorporates sustainability in their management processes. In addition, the study proposes to verify how incorporating sustainability based in the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative the corporate strategy to get competitive advantage and analyze the relevant factors that affect the commitments to sustainability, through the vision of decision makers in the areas strategic organization. The study consists of a survey whose approach is qualitative. This is a survey that ranks over goals in descriptive and qualitative approach. Regarding the proceedings consists of a case study. To collect data, we used the questionnaire instruments and semi-structured interviews with key informants applied responsible for the operations department / maintenance, financial administration, marketing and human resources. It was noted that the organization takes some practice focused on sustainability, such as optimization of natural resources, actions philanthropic and focusing on internal employees programs, but not as effective. This studies follows that it is possible to incorporate strategies and sustainable practices in the strategic management of the enterprise, giving it even competitive advantage, provided that there is full commitment from all sectors and investments in sustainable and conscious actions


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