Bibliometric research on strategy as practice: exploratory results and source comparison

Jonas Lucio Maia, Luiz Carlos Di Serio, Alceu Gomes Alves Filho


This paper aims at sketching an overview of the scientific production in the field of Strategy as Practice (SAP), recovering and expanding the bibliometric research presented in Maia and Alves Filho(2013), bringing in new aspects and replicating the study using Google Scholar. Concerning SAP, results signalize that: (1) SAP is still a young research field, with most of its publications after 2007; (2) Paula Jarzabkowsky and Richard Whittington are the most productive authors, although Google Scholar suggests a relevant author dispersion; (3) “Strategy” and “Practice” are the main research terms in Web of Science, while Google Scholar indicates relevant density of related terms; (4) both studies indicate that SAP production has not been published in classical journals, and there is important production in non-English publications and conferences. Concerning research sources: (1) size limits in Google Scholar make it impossible to calculate classic bibliometric indicators; (2) Google Scholar has generated a database with more than 30 times the results in Web of Science; (3) Google Scholar has generated a much more disperse and diverse base; (4) there are concerns in terms of using Scholar as a source of information: 15% of the documents do not present publication date while 27% do not present publication source.


Estratégia como Prática, Bibliometria, Estratégia, Gestão Competitiva